ECON Careskill Training Centre (ECTC) Pte Ltd, aims to provide healthcare personnel and caregivers with necessary skills through our structured and well developed training programmes. Established in 2000, ECTC now provide healthcare training programs to both local and overseas institutions.

ECTC is a certified OJT Centre for Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to conduct healthcare certificate level training, and training partner with Institute of Technical Education (ITE) education services on MOE NT Elective Modules.

Our Vision

  • To be a leading provider in healthcare training in the Asia Pacific region, recognized for its quality healthcare training programmes.

  • To cultivate nursing excellence and be people’s best helping hand in providing life-long learning and life-long employability skills.

Our Mission

To produce quality students who are globally deployable by forging strategic alliances with renowned healthcare training institutions to offer credible and reputable programs that enjoy international recognition.