Caregiver's Course - Activities for Daily Living (Classroom & Home-Base)

Course Objective

Each module is specially designed with caregivers in mind. We aim to train caregivers and impart them with the skills and knowledge to deliver appropriate care for their care recipients who may be individuals with special needs, the chronically ill or disabled.

Upon completion of this course, caregivers can expect to deliver the following:-
1) Personal hygiene and care
2) Oral feeding
3) Waste management
4) Movement and transfer
5) Falls prevention
6) Medication management

Course Duration

- 7 hours for classroom-based course
- 4 hours for home-based course

Course Funding

Eligible caregivers can receive $200 subsidy annually to defray the cost of training. Once exceed, participant need to top-up or pay the full amount before course commencement instead of the co-pay amount of $10.

Caregiver's Course - Care for the Elderly

Course Objective

It aims to train caregivers/ maid in providing quality home care for elderly individuals with special needs. For instance, elderly with diminished ability to care for themselves, the chronically ill or the disabled. Participants will be equipped with the practical information from taking care of elderly individualsĄ¯ daily personal hygiene routines to developing solutions to medical emergency situations.

Course Content

Modules for Elderly:1. Assisted shower2. Bed bath3. Oral toilet4. Denture care5. Transfer & handle/use of mobility aids (eg. Walking frame)6. Oral & supervise feeding7. Tube feeding8. Diaper changing9. Skin and foot care

Course Duration

2 days (14 hours)Customised programme can be arranged to suit the individualĄ¯s need.

Course Funding

This is a pre-approved course under the Centre for Enabled LivingĄ¯s Caregivers Training Grant (CTG). Participants are eligible for the grant subject to existing terms and conditions. More information about CTG, please click http://www.cel.sg

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Course is ongoing. For course details and registration, please Contact Us.